Catholic University Institute of Buea

Admissions 2017/2018 Application Instructions

Dear applicant, thank you for being interested to study at the Catholic University Institute of Buea. The Admission Season 2017/2018 is now open. Application is done online, in three basic steps. Application can be done on a regular Personal Computer, a Mobile Phone, a Tablet, or any computing device which supports Internet. Follow the instructions that follow.

To complete an application on our platform you must fill a signup form. This entails filling in your personal biodata, contact information and login information. This helps for easier followup, and also to help us maintain sessions, when you will be completing your application. Applicants can log in and out of the system as many times as they may choose.

On the start page you will use the [Create an Account] link to start the signup process. If you already signed up, you will provide your login credentials, and then click the [LOGIN] button. If you forget your password, you can also recover it, by using the [Forget Password] link next to the [LOGIN] button.

Note that when signing up, you must provide the correct information because part of this information will be used to constitute your final application file. You may not be able to change certain information after the signup process. Ensure you have a valid telephone number when you signup.

After creating an account, you will be expected to make a non-refundable applicant processing fee of 10,000 FCFA to permit you proceed with the application process. You can login at any time to make payment or register payment details. There are two (2) main ways of paying your application processing fee: Online MTN Mobile Money, or Offline Bank Payment with one of our University Banks (Ecobank, SGC, NFC or BICEC). Click here to view account details of our banks.

MTN Mobile Money Payment

We strongly recommend that applicants use our online MTN Mobile Money option on our website for payments. This will permit them to get instant account activation to permit them complete their applications. You are required to have your mobile phone close by to authorize a Mobile Money transaction.

If you do not have a Mobile Money account, you could always use that of any Mobile Money Sale Point agent or a relative, or simply register for a mobile Money Account from a nearby MTN service center. Simply open the application website on a mobile phone or computer, and supply the Mobile Money telephone number. Please you will be expected to following the instructions keenly during the Mobile Money process.

If your mobile money account is charged, but the transaction on our website fails, do not repeat. Simply contact us on the number 233 32 28 29 or email us on, providing us with the MTN Mobile Money Transaction ID, and your Username or our platform.

Bank Payment

Pay 10,000 FCFA into one of the University's account with Ecobank,BICEC, SGC, or NFC, scan or snap the receipt and upload on the online application platform. Your transaction will be verified within 3 business days. Once this is done, you will be given a link to proceed with your application whenever you login. We may notify by SMS or email when your payment if verified.

This is the final step of your application. Here you will be expected to enter the program you intend to study. You will be expected to enter a first choice, second choice and third choice to increase your selection opportunities. When selecting a school, program or specialization, always give a few seconds for the page to refresh before you continue.

Other information will be providing which includes your educational qualifications; and your subjects obtained in secondary school.

For Internal (within CUIB) or External (other university) student transfers, you will need to upload a scanned transcript or relevant document during the process.

All your sponsor's contact will be required followed by the final submission of the application, to complete the application process. You will see a screen prompting that you have successfully complete the process. Once completed we will get back to you within 5 working days with the results from the selection committee. Always feel free to contact us at any time for enquiries or issues related to your application.